What can I/We do?

Avoid wastage of food
Use public transport
Use water judiciously
Share your belonging
Don't be swayed by sale and advertisement
Buy only what you need
Avoid show off and falling into trap of pleasing others
Rather inspire them with austerity
Don't crib but stay silent and you would find a way
Gossips aren't the best way to pass time
Read books and reflect on what you read
Form an opinion with reasons and not popular trends
Take care of a plant daily
Feed a bird or animal
Avoid using cuss-words to look cool
Look for similarities and ways to find common ground
Enjoy the differences learn more and make yourself versatile
Say Sorry and Thank you more often
Don't be part of racial jokes
Do not forward message propagating myths & superstition
Condemn money acquired by malpractices
Be empathetic to society
Do not play loud music in noise-free zone
Talk to elders often
Help them learn ABC of digital world
Look out of phone and Smile at people
Stay quiet when another person is angry
Accommodate difference of opinions like several flavors on your plate

Think of doing and not Becoming


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