What women want

I don't wish to be a trophy of your home
I am a slice of the universe

With choices of my own
don't hold me back in the stereotypes

I don't wish to go along
the old flow or stagnant ways
like recurring tides

Let me make meanders and flow
Let me have the taste of sun and glow
Don't make me fear the bruise and burns I may get
For without taking a plunge far more I will regret

What can I/We do?

Avoid wastage of food
Use public transport
Use water judiciously
Share your belonging
Don't be swayed by sale and advertisement
Buy only what you need
Avoid show off and falling into trap of pleasing others
Rather inspire them with austerity
Don't crib but stay silent and you would find a way
Gossips aren't the best way to pass time
Read books and reflect on what you read
Form an opinion with reasons and not popular trends
Take care of a plant daily
Feed a bird or animal
Avoid using cuss-words to look cool
Look for similarities and ways to find common ground
Enjoy the differences learn more and make yourself versatile
Say Sorry and Thank you more often
Don't be part of racial jokes
Do not forward message propagating myths & superstition
Condemn money acquired by malpractices
Be empathetic to society
Do not play loud music in noise-free zone
Talk to elders often
Help them learn ABC of digital world
Look out of phone and Smile at people
Stay quiet when another perso…

Being Common or Unique?

I have claims to make to self
For I know myself very well
But what I project is not actually me
Trying to fit in, is all I do
But being different is what I want to?

No, it's not just me
Look around, everyone
is trying to be sheep in the herd
escaping by following the trend

That's how we break our own goals
make fool of ourself
procrastinate and later regret

No, I am unique
How but only in my head
Then I give in! No
No, I just choose comfort
That turns me into a common being

Though wishing to be unique
we continue doing the same things. Sigh..

Insightful Conversation Bites

Bite 1

On a lonely morning when other elder ladies of the home were away. I was asked to see that our maid do her work properly. This gave me a chance to interact with her much more than I usually engage in. The talks between us moved along lines of Diwali gifts and somehow reached a point that I heard this story from her that left a mark on my mind.

So she and many like her feel what we do to earn is predecided in our fate. The example given in reference was that of Jwala temple in Rajasthan. As she narrated, outside this temple, there are a lot of men and women from working age group, physically able and fit who depend only on alms for livelihood. People visiting the temple give money or other things to them. All the good pucca houses around the temple on the hill are owned by these beggars (or professional alms seekers as I wish to call them now on). She, so innocently said and believed that they were blessed and bestowed by the good god who did not want them to work. Strange as…


When they are born
some people glee
others don't even want to see
their female child
so cute so mild

What have they done
that you prefer only a son
the answer is usually given by none

From young age, they are victimised
even if they deserve to be prized
Are taught household chores early as they grow old
Rather than making them brave and bold
To face the challenges of Life
Than merely being someone's wife

Because they are meek
Are generally considered as weak
To serve their parents
at times they are patients

When they reach adolescence
Why do we make out a different sense?
of their every action
Even if they intended towards perfection

After being married, they are just carried
By exchanging rings, they become things
searching for self-recognition
with full instinct
In her husband's place, to win the race
She gives her best, without having rest

After being abused when she is refused
to stay there
her pendulum life begins here
between two houses she swings alone
None of whic…

Civilisation without Assimilation

What are we?
The mighty human race!
With medals, for the history, we could trace
Or the genius of having predicted the future race

Funny isn't it? we left the present
Ignoring the lessons that were quite easy to be learnt
We learnt to identify with location, tone of skin, sound & script
But in our own race, we found how to be distinct

And all the focus on diversity never led to curiosity
To connect each other. on basis of enormous similarity
Did we so much fear the establishment of Parity?
that we brought the theory of pollution and purity.

Who defined these terms?
Our selfish means did
That valued own comfort
putting others lives in a bid.